Picture of Danube Universtiy Krems (c) Walter Skokanitsch
Danube University Krems (c) Hertha Hurnaus

Danube University Krems

ASEM EDU SOM I 2018 will be held at Danube University Krems. It is one of the pioneering institutions in Europe in the field of university-based advanced education, and a specialized institution in the sector of lifelong learning. In teaching and research the University focuses on social as well as organizational and technical challenges of current times, and is developing innovating courses on an ongoing basis.

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Hotel Richard Loewenherz

Richard Löwenherz

Level B (139€ - 145€)

Richard the Lionheart is said to have been the first true guest of note in Dürnstein. What this illustrious English King enjoyed eight centuries ago - albeit, in his case, somewhat involuntarily - awaits you in an almost unchanged state: namely, one of the most beautiful, pristine river landscapes in Europe, tucked into the green hills of the Waldviertel ("forest district") and the Dunkelsteinerwald ("dark stone forest").

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Hotel Pfeffel


Level A (80€ - 95€)

  • Unique location - outside of the charming town of Dürnstein – in middle of the World Heritage Path

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Logo Hotel Holzapfel Prandtauerhof


Level C (185€)

Family Holzapfel Prandtauerhof in Joching in the Wachau is an exquisite small holiday world in itself. Besides the excellent vineyard and highly rewarded distillery there are nice rooms in the farm house and a suite in the arcade wing on the first floor.

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Shuttle from and to the airport

The shuttle service will be provided by the organisers. As soon as the schedule is arranged you will be informed.

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Satellite Programme

OCtober 17, Optional Sightseeing Programme

Dürnstein Abbey by Georg Dallamassl

Dürnstein Abbey

The story of the Church began in 1372 when Elizabeth von Kuenring founded a Chapel within
the walls of her Castle dedicating it to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In 1400 she made a
gift of half of her former family home, to the Augustinian Canons of Wittingau in Bohemia for it
to be used as a Monastery. 

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Dürnstein City by Georg Dallamassl

Walk through of Historic Centre of Dürnstein

Dürnstein is a small town along the Danube river in the Krems-Land district in the province of lower Austria. It is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the Wachau region and also a well-known wine growing area.

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